__Excess looks at the large amounts of food going to waste in urban centers and employs new tactics to divert food from landfill and back to people to consume or compost.

Artists Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga and Brooke Singer transformed a quadcycle into a mobile bodega & composting machine. Edible food is redistributed in public space like a park while non-edible food goes into the bike’s compost barrel (that spins as the biker pedals) and is transported to a compost garden.

__New York City spends over a million dollars a day trucking residential waste out of the city and 20-50% of that is typically organic matter. Can we get our city closer to a future in which edible food gets eaten, organic waste is turned into energy-rich compost, compost is used to bio-remediate contaminated lots, empty lots are transformed into food producing gardens and the resulting, dramatic savings for the city can be redistributed to improve (_you fill in the blank_) program?

__Excedentes/Excess was a collaboration between Madrid (Jose Luis Bongore and Beatriz Marcos) and NYC (Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga and Brooke Singer) that was originally commissioned by El Ranchito, a project from Matadero Madrid and curated by Nerea Calvillo. The first version of the project, Mermas Carrito, was built in collaboration with Todo por la praxis and tested and exhibited in December 2011 in Madrid. The ExcessNYC bike is the second version of the project designed for NYC.

__The ExcessNYC bike launched in Summer 2012 in NYC. Here is documentation showing evolution of the project.

__Contact: INFO at EXCESSNYC dot ORG

__ Thank you to our sponsors: El Ranchito, Matadero Madrid; Spain Arts & Culture; 3rd Ward